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Deviprasadam trust
The twist of events in the course of history will make certain happenings inevitable. The latter half of Twentieth century witnessed unbridled sweeping changes in the socio-cultural and economic life in Kerala. Kerala's splendor in varied forms of fine arts is an internationally acclaimed one. No adjective is enough to describe the contributions made by the then Feudal Namboothiris

Olappamanna is the family name of feudal lords. They belong to priestly Brahmin Caste of Kerala, namely Namboodiris. Mana means Home of Kerala Brahmins in Malayalam.

They were immensely rich till the land reforms act was implemented in Kerala during 1965-70. They were patrons of art forms like Kathakali, Percussions, Classical Music, Literature, Vedic and Sanskrit education. They stood head and shoulders above others in patronizing these fields.
But the glories and golden days have gone for ever. Feudalism has become a part of history now in Kerala. There happened drastic changes in the socio-cultural and economic fields in Kerala for the last quarter of 20th century. The Olappamanna family also had to surrender their forests and lands to Government with no compensation. They had to reduce their splendid ness in their life style and had to leave their patronage to arts and culture.

In the changed scenario, Olappamanna Mana members decided to “Serve and Preserve their cultural heritage”- This resulted in formation of Deviprasadam Trust. The main Building of Olappamanna Mana is preserved by the Trust. Further the Trust from 1990 on words gives annual Awards to eminent personalities in the fields in which Olappamanna Mana had its contributions earlier, namely, Kathakali, Karnatic Music, Malayalam Literature, Veda and Sanskrit Literature. Further the Trust also co-operates with all cultural activities by others in these fields.

The trust is having a library with valuable books in English, Sanskrit and in our mother tongue Malayalam. We also have palm leaf books.